Indoor inertial-rgbD Egocentric Activities (IDEA) Data Collection

Principal Investigator: Hyun Soo Park
Study Staff: Declan McGraw, Khiem Vuong, Tien Do, and Vaibhav Jain
Affiliation: Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Minnesota

The goal of our study is to develop computational methods for recognizing daily activities such as walking, cooking, etc. from egocentric data. Participants are asked to wear standard commercially available wearable camera (Microsoft Azure Kinect) as they perform their everyday indoor activities.

Registration for IDEA Dataset collection: Carefully read and submit the Data Collection Sign Up Form.

Compensation: $35 per recording session (approx. 2 hours)

Contact: If you have any question, please reach out to us at this email.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: In short, after you register, we will deliver the recording equipment, which you will then use to record everyday activities. You will be compensated $35 (Amazon gift card) for each hour of recording data. In details:

1. First, you must register through the Google form listed above.
2. After registering, our team member will contact you over email to verify your provided information and give further instructions.
3. A team member will deliver the recording equipment directly to your home and give you a short tutorial on how to use the equipment.
4. You will scan the area where you intend to record your everyday activities (usually your bedroom, kitchen, etc.)
5. You will record at least 1 hour of video using the equipment while performing daily tasks.
6. A team member will retrieve the equipment directly from your home.
7. You will be sent a $35 Amazon gift card for every hour of recording data.


A: No, the data collection itself will only be about 1 hour of recording while doing activities. You can record videos non-consecutively, at your own pace, anytime between your delivery and retrieval time. 2 hours is just the total estimated time including both the actual recording time and registration, receiving instructions, and communicating with our team members.


A: Yes, we pay $35 for 1 hour of recording data. If you can take x hours of data, we will pay you $35x.


A: No, a team member will deliver and retrieve the equipment directly to/from your home (or your preferred location).


A: The team member who will be delivering your equipment, will contact you on your provided email address to verify the delivery time and your information.


A: Yes, you can get an extra $35 gift card if you can introduce 5 people to register for the data collection.


A: Yes, it can be anywhere, as long as it's indoor and you are allowed to scan/record videos there.


A: It can be any activity that involves a fair amount of movements and interaction with your surroundings, including but not limited to:

1. Cooking.
2. Cleaning.
3. Crafting.
4. Doing laundry.
5. Exercising.
6. Making bed.
7. Meeting with friends.
8. Playing with pets.
9. Preparing meals.
10. Throwing out trash.
11. Vacuuming.


A: Any activities where you’re not really moving or interacting with your environment, such as sitting still and going on your phone, watching TV, using your computer, etc.


A: Yes, just ensure that they also sign up through the Google form and coordinate with the team member who contacts you. Let them know your roommate would also like to record during the same time period.


A: We would like to have the equipment back within 1-2 days of the delivery date, but exceptions can be made if you are pressed for time.

Instruction Video

Sample Results Videos